With a passion for the outdoors and a having had a garden wedding of our own, we decided to move to the Mornington Peninsula, from our farm in North western Victoria to pursue a new dream, that dream is Open Cathedrals.


Open Cathedrals – Our dream:

To create a garden wedding scene that is majestic and whimsical for both the couple and guests alike.


“There is, without doubt, a magic to the traditional church wedding; the tear in the eye as the groom sees his bride walk down a beautiful aisle with her father by her side, and the joy and delight as the bride and groom walk back down the aisle , hand in hand, now husband and wife.”


We wanted to create this for the garden wedding. And so we have Created 20 bespoke pews, with a timeless elegance and beauty that is hard to surpass. Our Pews can bring a new and fresh look every time, from rustic, country, romantic, classic or French. Our pews are for the Modern Bride, who still loves the traditions of old.


Open cathedrals: like the Artisans of old, our aim is to bring grandeur of old to your garden wedding, under the biggest cathedral of all.

We are excited and passionate about our pews, and we know you will fall in love with them as much as we have.


~ Chris and Del Wilksch ~